The Webbed Enclosure

Locked in the pain, the vibration, the essence
true is the key — found, vulnerable, wholehearted living
That which extends phenomenal human narratives
With a dusting and a turn, we open the gate
beyond the webbed enclosure

into the riddle

Exposed under the sunburst-lit vibrant, cerulean sky
Birth the exuberant spark
Where there is frankincense to heal
The light, shining, wrapped in myrrh.

the metaphors

of courage, of narratives, which existed —
Kahlo’s pain / emotions released in painted broken hearts
Beethoven’s vibrations / best exposed, the alternative, prodigious scores

Keller’s essence

burst from within, without restraint
This conundrum —her soul breathed loudly, freely, uniquely
Beyond her vast darkness, yet lighter, than the shadows we throw, in our darkened caves.

Ease the weight

on human spirit with an open embrace
Of the turns, to and from, those waxes and wanes
Powering the unexpected, modified with willful ways
Animating our stories, the narratives made visible.

Take heed not to step back into the cave, that allegory of repression
Living only as metaphors, blinded as similes of what was or what should be
Where shadows veil — shrouding, the real you, that could be.

wary are we,

being mirrors of the collective
Dulling the sensual phenomena
Courage, it takes, to step out
Beyond painful fear-caves,
the subterfuge of sensations, hidden behind the gate.

“Life will try to break you….
And when it happens that you are broken,
or betrayed, or left, or heart, or death brushes near,
let yourself…”

fuel the exposed spark,

the emotions, the voice, which drives the ambition
Delve into the pain, the vibration, the essence
Melded, into our cells of our beings, with consciousness, with the soul
These mysteries of life.

Make real
Voice the rhetoric
Engage mindful courage in boisterous creativity
Brush off the webs, open the lock, be with the riddle, solve that which is life.
Leap the hurdles, reap the rewards, harvest the seeds
Rejoice the collective
Nourish individuality

directly brew, to enrich

In the spring breeze, the air so sweet, Helen sensed that
And knew, there was life, to be lived
And she brought forth, discord, to expose her wild heart
She felt the light, the mystery of life.


— the wispy, the quiet, and yet, cacophonous rebirths
Soul-sustaining and wisdom-nourishing journeys
Embracing the hurt and a dissonant voice for mindful, (em)powering transformations.

~ namasté, Leah🕊

🕊 embracing mindful, empowering transformations🕊

© Leah J. Spence 2020, All Rights Reserved