The Mental Health Meter

The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHC) provides a test that helps you to determine how mentally fit you are. In doing so, the mental health meter assesses the characteristics that make up mental health.

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Characteristics of Mental Health

Ability to enjoy life

Worries about problems that may crop up do not dim the joy you feel. The higher the score, the stronger your capacity to live in the moment and accent that there are some things you cannot predict or change.


Emotions fade quickly as you put events into perspective. The higher the score, the more strongly you feel that even though life can be full of tough times, it’s important to keep your perspective.


You consider alternative points of views and solutions to restore balance. The higher your score, the stronger your realization that there are many facets to your life that are important to you. You recognize that each of these deserve your interest and attention.


You recognize the areas in which your talents and interests lie and pursue paths that allow you to actualize these potentials. The higher your score, the more you are able to value your own unique strengths and potential. So, you work to develop them to enhance your life.


Unrealistic expectations can be reconsidered and alternative plans can be set up. The higher your score, the stronger your belief that change is a fact of life. Seeing things from other points of view helps you adapt to change and make most of you life and the people in it.

Taking the test to meter your mental health

Reviewing how you responded to each section can help you identify ways in which your mental fitness could be improved. This can help you to cope with challenging times. Remember, taking control of you health means taking control of your mind

With this in mind, understand that this is not a scientific test. Information provided is not a substitute for professional advice. Therefore, if you feel that you may need advice, please consult a health care professional.

The full test can be found on the CMHA website with additional support for mind + body fItness.

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