Your Identity as an Art Matrix

Each of us is an ‘art-matrix’ identity. The vision of The Art Matrix Magazine with the ‘art-matrix’ identity as a holistic health paradigm. The aim is to encourage creative building of holistic well-being, growth mindsets and healthy, meaningful lifestyles.

When we interact with the world we are in the process of art interpretation–both of ourselves and the art around us. We do so in a multi-sensory way.

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Creativity, intentional attitudes, and authentic voices are at the core of the dynamic nature of the art-matrix

Habits, core values, and mindful interpretations affect the way the interactions change us or do not alter our thinking, behaving or emoting.

Some claim that everyone interacting with an art object (ie each of us interacting in a community) becomes part of its matrix raises the question about the identity of an art matrix.

The matrix consists of relationships between these and other possible elements and has the nature of a structure to the effect that any change of value to any member of its topology will result in a dynamic reconfiguration of the matrix.


Creative matrix growth with some cognitive distancing

Cognitive distancing is a form of mindfulness in which each of us are active ‘agents’ in the evolution of our own personal identities and that of the matrices around us.

Cognitive distancing” implies an opposition between an enchanted, naive, ‘inside’ experience and a distanced, disenchanted, ‘outside’ perspective. The space behaves more like an ‘interstitial passage’–an oscillation between perspectives. This entertains unique perspectives without an assumed or imposed hierarchy’.

Furthermore, an art matrix is not autonomous; rather, each of its elements may be connected to other social configurations (religious, legal, political which may influence the topology of the art matrix by means of that particular element. This characteristic of the matrix called its ‘multidimensionality’.


Art matrix entails authenticity and integrity

Here, at the Art Matrix Magazine, our goal is to encourage authenticity and integrity of core values, world views and identities.

Think of yourself as art, in art, surrounded by art. Mindfulness and cognitive distancing is essential to ensure balance, homeostasis, harmony, and stability.

Cause and effect in art matrix creations

The art matrix participates in a production of meaning-making. It is an active, interactive exchange of ideas, perspectives, techniques, and solutions. The main idea is to encourage alternative ways of creating understandings about our world (an art matrix) and how each identity (also as an art matrix) interacts, alters and transforms.

Yet, with the idea of energy flow, down to the core of the atom, every recipient approaching an art object, immediately, in very different ways, becomes a part of the evolving matrix configurations. The more you impute
agency and purpose, the more influence you have on art and identity creation, specifically and overall.

The Artwork, the creative and the observer

The core of this art matrix way of thinking is the idea of concordance between cause and effect–a zero sum interaction. That is, there is an accord between the creator or idea on one side and the work or the idea’s embodiment on the other–energy in, energy out.

Interpretation of an artwork (be it written, visual art, a song, a garden, an so on) thus becomes a decoding of the expressed, intended content.

Definition of matrix

Something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form.

For example: An atmosphere of understanding and friendliness that is the matrix of peace.

Merriam Webster Dictionary

The identity matrix is…

… an object upon which a design has been formed and which is then used to make an impression on a piece of paper, thus creating a print…

Dictionary of Print Making Terms

.. in math terms, an identity matrix–an equation that is true no matter what values are chosen opening the door wide open to creative living!


The Art Matrix Magazine encourages …

… cognitive distancing, reducing thought-traps, and the creation of fertile thinking grounds and growth mindsets.

Every book, article, news story, essay, poem, or solution serves as an opportunity for personal growth, including deepening understandings of how we fit into the world. The aim is collaborative, alternative, creative thinking.

Flexible and adaptive community of art matrix dynamics

Cognitive distancing opens the mind and creative interpretations–flexible and adaptive art matrix dynamics. Thereby, our aim is to reduce the art object’s enchanting power (“thought traps”) to open the door to the perceiver’s identity, core values or world views.

And most importantly, in doing so, we are encouraging open-minded unique interpretations, authentic identities, and voices.

 The Art Matrix
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