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The Art Matrix reviews and posts the latest and best popular home spaces products empowering holistic well-being. Everything we pick, review, and share is founded in the Art Matrix philosophy: authentic, Eco-conscious, holistic living.

Image source: Pexels

Sage Smudge Kit

White Sage Smudge Sticks ~ Abalone Shell 5-6 in ~ 2 in Tripod Stand ~ 10-12 in Feather and White Sand ~ The Perfect Smudge Kit

Smyrna Original Turkish Throw Blanket

Herringbone Series | 100% Cotton, 50 x 60 Inches | Vintage Boho Throw Blankets for Couch, Sofa, Bed, Farmhouse and Home Decor | Lightweight and Super Soft (Latte)

Jigsaw Puzzle

L.S. Lowry: Going to Work: 1000-piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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