The One-Line Poetry Collection

the earth laughs in flowers

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Realize the Pearl

throw caution to the wind and imagine
that each happenstance
is a baroque, black-lipped pearl
of illustrious potential
to be ‘real’-ized,
embraced, embellished,
in the vast ocean of life …….

Why Summer?

Can this blush of plentitude
of equal nights
bring, in prevailing winds,
fertility, fuchsia, laurel, and lime
to amass a fortitude
to bear the bleakest, barren burden
of winter ahead?

The Sketch

Etching the sketch
to the rhythm of the heart
lets the felt, yet ineffable, essence
be noted and expressed without writing
nary a word — the voice, once silenced, behold.

Secrets of the Heart

It is in the affectionate
of those soulful secrets
with kindred spirits
that together
we welcome
the beauty
which life
to the heart.

The Energy Bridge

In the conscious realm
our feelings and thoughts vibrate,
reflections of us
mirrored in ether, cycling
across energy bridges.

The Universal Harness

Through unobstructed consciousness,
at the core of our power,
we can mitigate hurtful effrontery
in the world /
to live without ignorance
and harness a shared, compassionate energy from within.

Our Little Town

Nestled into bedroom communities
protected from the fray /
evolving into global
intermingled niches
embracing eclectic wonders,
a geographically unbounded life
where the milky way seems closer somehow.

Love Energy

Oppressive demands stifle creative energies,
burden the heart and soul, with dark energies,
and disguise the essence of your genuine being,
which is light and love.

The Nature of Rebellion

Rebellion intertwines with compliance
as the river buffets the boulders
each adapting to new ways of being
inherent in this natural
rhythm of life.

Ebony and Rose

The unseen world, the ebony of empty space
a neutral place, the canvas
for your brushes with pallet
rose is your energy, the paint
tints of thoughts, aspirations
into the furrows in the fabric of consciousness
in space, in time, on earth and on, into the ether, and beyond.

The Gates of Consciousness

shrouds fervent-Self
into insidious entropy
stunted when unobserved
but with appreciative awareness
the protected Soul entwines,
enkindles serenity, harmony
an impassioned, united, flowered

Out of the Shadow, a Blossom

Our shadows are blackened
by defensive egos,
which burden, versus,
consciously moral,
brave, open,
and vulnerable living
brightening hearts,
flowering ethical, soulful, life-fulfilling potentials.

Feathering the Heart

in sackcloth and ashes /
so we bring forth angel feathers
enliven the vessel
welcome and undulate life-energy /
exchange / these gifts of the heart

The Neverland of My Dreams

Is there a realm, with
one underlying truth
one summit, abundant trails
one river, many crossings
one consciousness, many journeys
or is this imagined in the Neverland of my dreams?

Living with Synesthesia


of musty hotels
prefer soapy pastels

and fruity pink
makes one think

of held emotions
eluding vibrations

triggering, yet

earth’s bounty in colour
salt like no other.

Life’s Irony as Alchemy for Transformation

Shield not heart, mind and soul
from inherent ironic incongruities
by nurturing creative solutions
letting the tree of life
branch and blossom
directly to the light.

Rise Up

Seek the tabula rasa
reveal your genuine identity
mitigate the superfluous stuff
that clutters
the matrix
of body, heart, mind, soul, and spirit
and cleansed
with mindful intentions
rise up.

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

🕊 embracing mindful, empowering transformations🕊

© Leah J. Spence 2020, All Rights Reserved

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