The Haiku Collection

“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”

― Leonardo da Vinci

the atonement

burdened is the soul
clothed in thorn remnants, seeking
atonement / forgive
to attune / ready the soul
light donning of wings / ascend

waxing the wane

wane into the dark
set down the great tome hence forth
light damask passions
of abundance / heal that which
inspires new lunar chapters

softly random

that, random kindness
does so / release / heart, light, love
whispered / to the soul

the aegis of lazzaro

in Tao drop fears where
butterflies, wolves embrace love
aegis, Lazzaro

the sparkle that burns

behold the sparkle
the dazzle that sizzles hearts
love soars / iterate
but, when fire violates
once burnt, best be, at once shy

hello soul

dry leaves shatter books
left with no words / when just a
“Hello” waters souls

on the swing-set of love

be near, not away
together we swing gently
through ebb and flow, to
enfold, flourish, transform, light
with love, in tender embrace

iridescent treasures

Playfully explore
iridescent treasures to
soothe mind, heart and soul.

sagacity without ardour?

how is this wisdom
where reason can trump passion
when colour holds truth

the chalk scrolls

etched on rocky cliffs
indelible chalk scrolls to
rouse the brave march on

being brave, together

others sense fear / so
sprinkle kindness, with love / then
be, brave, together

inky clouds

inky clouds bear fear
self-doubt and depression that
fill my pen, then fade

from fragile to strong

fragile feelings fade
when, with firm intentions, we
form stronger foundations

dance like a butterfly

so staid, when all life
really asks, is to be
free: rise, love and play

why the rainbow?

why the rainbow? twist
the mind with synchronistic
sustenance. Resolve
dissonance and realize
phenomenal potentials.

honouring impermanence

every moment, death
comes to us, so the soul can
shift states/ we let go,
and, from the cocoon, we will
transform and then, awaken

living with patina

What is purity?
a conscious knowing, pukka
it is the real deal
which time and nature changes
absorbed as meaning-making.
wings of change / turning towards
transformation, she
does seek the back of beyond
she enfolds, the wilds, that pass.
Patina is my friend
yet in truth she is tainted
carmine, gold, turquoise
humble and understated,
graceful and without regrets.

why so lonely?

why is my well void
in spaces filled with people
when small moments of
genuine acts or words does
fill me / equanimity

portaging enlightenments

our fear can harbour
uncertainty so we set
down our sturdy rafts
of calm gratitude / insights
to portage enlightenments

sketching the sublime

hush the echo, to
sketch the narrative, seek out
the fine lines, which take
shape in sublime dissonance,
dawning in the darkest dreams

unshackle the soul to warm, positive vibrations

lost in time and space
a repressed woeful being
shackles sensations
open tunes of soul love
to expand warm vibrations

and, the soul shines

in black dog valley
so shadowed by the rock face
empower your will
rise upon the precipice
dust the mist to light the soul


plighted love in hand
a resolve that can belie
a fragmenting heart

warm echoes of the heart

even in the midst
of chaos at the shared hearth
soul-energy chimes
echoes of the heart, tolling
warmer rhythms than through the mind

soul seeds

roots knotted, slow growth
free tender energy seeds
heal sad, broken hearts

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

🕊 the art of being authentic
embracing mindful, empowering transformations🕊

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