In Gratitude & Paying-it-Forward

When we think in a way that reinforces gratitude and empathy. paying-it-forward becomes the norm. With empathetic mindsets, we share quiet ‘gifts’ along the way, to enrich others, on our very human, shared soul-journeys.

With conscious, intentional attitudes we can be part the healing solution

because, together, 
in this life, we strive to
make it real, be responsible,
be visible, tangible 
walking stronger 
with our heartfelt, mindful, soul-blazoned truths, 
one step at a time

for holistic and community healing

In forging a path through holistic healing, paying it forward becomes an integral part of the process. Each of us do so with our own unique voices.

I lend this gift to you so, you may benefit
from its merits and live a better life, in some way.
When you meet with another person in similar distress,
I only ask that you lend-it-forward.
I hope it may thus go through many hands,
before it meets with a “Knave”
that will stop its progress. 
This is a tool of mine for doing a deal of good

when I have very little but my heart to give.

— Benjamin Franklin (adapted)

and paying-it-forward …

is making it show up again, but differently 
in doing so we acclimatize
trying for the unconditional
without expectations 
we make accommodations 
to help others fit in and acculturate 
we adjust and we make amends

as we are chameleons 
of responsive transformation
of community sharing
when we are open to change
to revision 
and liberty beyond ourselves

on passing the gift we can be

~ the blacksmith and forge the shoes to walk solidly into the light
heating, hammering and bending the shoes
so they fit better for the journey forward

~ the horseshoe, even after the horse needs it
and then face the world, turned open-side up
to catch the warm rays of the sun, the good stuff in life

~ the situation-healer, even a little bit better 
from a well of empathy, with a compassionate spirit and kind thoughts

~ able to create new questions and solutions
trusting intuition
the heart along with the mind

~ ready to grow and to live more passionately 
embracing the irony, the paradox, the absurd

… empowered holding the mind close to the heart …

“I am” ~   Sylvia Platt

and with this , we …

~ flip the bell-jar over
receptive to alternative truths

embracing the challenges 
of an ironic existence seeing the cornucopia 
from Frida’s pain, unique artistic voice
from Beethoven’s vibrations creating unique musical scores
from Keller’s essence an admirable life of intentional grit and growth

potentially painful fear-caves, of lost lives.
extending mindful, artistic outlets.
directly, enriching, brewing soul- and wisdom-nourishing journeys.

~ become the source of light — part of the solution that can help others

on giving

… and (to the) receivers … and (we) are all receivers … assume no weight of gratitude, lest you lay a yoke upon yourself and upon him who gives.
Rather, rise together with the giver on his gifts as on wings …

~ Gibran

~ namasté, Leah🕊

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