Possibilities and Hope

We need possibilities which give us creative opportunities to build hope. Mentally healthy people, build and use, core values, right intentions, and confident voices. The result is a growth mindset with more possibilities and hope.

Sue Miller triggered something in me when she talked about possibilities in the book, The Lake Shore Limited. That is when I thought about how possibilities in life is very different than hope. And, yet, they are interconnected and this is how…

possibilities vs hope

Options, alternatives, abilities, potentials, course-of-actions and solutions are the more concrete make-up of possibilities. To me, hope is more faith-based and less action-oriented. Though, hope builds when we actively strive to create new or alternative solutions and possibilities. Hope builds as future possibilities evolve.

When we set our core values and act and think mindfully and intentionally, possibilities transform and hope increases as a direct benefit.

In the story, The Lake Shore Limited, centers on The Lake Shore Limited—a play Billy has written about an imagined terrorist bombing of that train as it pulls into Union Station in Chicago, and about a man waiting to hear the fate of his estranged wife, who is traveling on it. Billy had waited in just such a way on 9/11 to hear whether her lover, Gus, was on one of the planes used in the attack.

The novel moves from the snow-filled woods of Vermont to the rainy brick sidewalks of Boston as the lives of the other characters intersect and interweave with Billy’s: Leslie, Gus’s sister, still driven by grief years after her brother’s death; and Sam, a man irresistibly drawn to Billy after he sees the play that so clearly displays the terrible conflicts and ambivalence of her situation.

on acceptance, reflections and transformations

Billy creates the play out of these emotions and then, the performance itself touches and changes the other characters’ lives. These form the thread that binds them all together and drives the novel compulsively forward, towards possibilities created by actions, emotions and beliefs.

This book shares a powerful story of entanglements, connections, and inconsolable losses. Through the narrative we experience, indirectly, a marvellous reflection on the meaning of grace and the uses of sorrow. And these, in turn, set the stage as foundations for transformation in life and in art.

Finding meaning in life requires possibilities and hope, even if we are striving to live in the moment. Being mindful of the simple things can be the most powerful key in transformation into holistic well-being.

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The Lake Shore Limited

Motivation, thoughtful, and inspired me to really think about the difference between possibilities and hope. We need possibilities which give us creative opportunities to build hope–growth mindset with more possibilities and hope.

With much gratitude….

~ namasté, Leah 

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