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The Art Matrix articles, news, and product + book reviews focus on empowering holistic well-being with authentic, eco-conscious living.

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Best Buckwheat Bread Recipe

Since buckwheat flour has a delightful, nutty flavour, this bread recipe has a great taste too! And, it fits into our motto of empowering wellness!

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If you have been recently vaccinated, you can promote health by dispelling toxins that can cause damage.

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Psychology + Spirituality

The Mental Health Meter

The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHC) provides a test that helps you to determine how mentally fit you are. In doing so, the mental health meter assesses the characteristics that make up mental health

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Hiking Backpack Checklist

The Hiking Backpack Checklists is created to support safe, enjoyable and holistically-rewarding hiking experiences

The hiking ‘matrix’ is the holistic framework of the hiking experience. Further, with the ‘art’ of the matrix, we consider these outdoor activities eco-consciously, holistically, and as organically as possible.

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Home Spaces

Outdoor Spaces

Clothing + Accessories

The Art of Fermentation

Book by Sandor Katz

Review of this great guide to do-it-yourself home fermentation.

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